Epistimi is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is dedicated to advancing, increasing, and encouraging the leadership and presence of women in the professions of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine (STEMM) around the globe.

Women in STEMM who have participated in one or more leadership workshops

What We Do

The focus of Epistimi is to help women in STEMM all over the world begin their leadership journey while getting their doctorates, during their postdocs or early in their careers.  This work began locally in Massachusetts:

The curriculum from the MIT LEAPS course – Developing Your Leadership Competencies – forms the core of Epistimi’s leadership training and includes the following fourteen two-hour workshops:

  • Intro to Leadership and Self-Awareness
  • The Role of Personality and Personal History
  • Communication Basics – Sending and Receiving, Consciously and Unconsciously
  • Leadership Styles and Influencing
  • Practicing Inclusive leadership
  • Experiencing Meditation as a Gateway to Enhancing Leadership
  • Complexity of Teams – Part 1
  • Complexity of Teams – Part 2
  • Leadership in Turbulent Times
  • The Spectrum of Conflict
  • Negotiation – Dos and Don’ts
  • Leadership, Ethics and Values
  • Coaching, Mentoring and More
  • Leading Change and Your Leadership Roadmap

The leadership workshops will all be online until further notice

Interested applicants can email info@epistimi.org for more information and registration


“Better than just short workshops! I very much liked that this course went in depth.”

“Every single class was very valuable. The most useful was that it is spoken in the STEM field language. All those things we might be suspecting but were silent. Having the specific tools for the field is powerful to navigate it and become a real and strong leader. Also, to be happier, true with oneself and pursue the greater for good.”

“I actually found all the classes very useful and did not want to rank them. This course made me reflect that introspection is the first part for becoming a good leader but in general a good person first. Everyone should follow a course like this. It should be mandatory, especially the part on personality and biases, people who are not aware about those facts misjudge continuously also colleagues even if they are not leaders.”

“The classes and assignment made me think and actually put in action a lot of facts I had previously vaguely known about, but never bothered to think about them more.  The course helped me to clarify the view on myself, my strengths and weaknesses, my goals, and ways to get there. I am very glad I participated, this course made me grow a lot personally, and I am excited to use the learned techniques in future leadership positions!”

“I would like to start by presenting my appreciation for an amazing journey in LEAPS class. You and your team made Tuesday and Thursday exciting and joyful days of the week, particularly, during quarantine.  I joined MIT as part of a great program called X. One of the main goals of the program is preparing women leaders in Saudi Arabia. The course and your own style are inspirational in many levels and are solid steps in my professional development agenda. The course was a fulfilling adventure and I am hoping I could transfer this knowledge to my colleagues and members of my community back home.”

“I learned myself. After the class, I practiced meditation for improving myself. I am already implementing the lesson on myself. I found the class is not just becoming a leader, but also how to make a good balance life with family, colleagues and friends.”         

“This class compacts an ample of basic and essential skills and knowledge related to leadership.  The strength point of this class is having different experiences shared by instructors, postdocs, and attendees which I see as a treasure chest.”